When in Rome

– snack and walk your way through Rome

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Milano Milano

Apart from occasionally weird social interactions, the dolce vita has its charms. Starting off with the Cappuccino and Brioche in the morning, heading off to a lengthy lunch coupled with some glasses di vino, and finalizing the day with an Aperitivo or a three-course dinner.

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Meanwhile in Germany

This piece is an interconnection of two authors, who both had been involved in working with refugees in the year of 2015 – the year of Germany’s Willkommenskultur and resulting acceptance of 1.1 Million asylum seekers. Particularly, piece one deals with one specific German NGO and offers an individual assessment of the situation before the medial realization of a ‘crisis’. The second piece analyses the arising issues on a nationwide level and thereby invites for a critical assessment of the phenomenon accompanying the apparent migrant crisis: volunteer work.

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